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Adventures of a Mathematician

The true story behind the H-Bomb

The warmhearted story of Polish immigrant and mathematician Stan Ulam, who moved to the U.S. in the 1930s. Stan deals with the difficult losses of family and friends all while helping to create the hydrogen bomb and the first computer.

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Size Matters

Hannah Fry takes a spectacular look at the science of size by imagining a parallel world in which everything is made bigger or smaller

Professor Hannah Fry explores what life would be like if everything was either very large or very small. Could a supersized or miniaturized Earth sustain life? Could humans survive as giants or ants? Examples from nature hold the answers.

This two-part special presented by Hannah Fry shows that when it comes to the universe, size really does matter. Hannah takes the audience into a thought experiment where the size of everything can be changed to reveal why things are the … Ler mais


Secrets of the Super Elements

In the first BBC documentary to be filmed entirely on smartphones, Mark Miodownik reveals the weird materials that have built our high-tech world

Forget oil, coal and gas – a new set of materials is shaping our world and they’re so bizarre they may as well be alien technology. In the first BBC documentary to be filmed entirely on smartphones, materials scientist Prof Mark Miodownik reveals the super elements that underpin our high-tech world. We have become utterly dependent on them, but they are rare and they’re already running out. The stuff that makes our smartphones work could be gone in a decade … Ler mais


Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time

Discovering our place in the universe. Brian Cox looks back on a decade of discovery and towards the next space frontier, asking the biggest question of all - what's next?

Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time was produced by BBC Studios Science Unit and is presented by Brian Cox. Emeka Onono serves as Executive Producer. Simon Winchcombe serves as Series Producer. Alastair Duncan serves as the Producer on Episode 1, Naomi Law and Giles Harrison serve as Producers on Episode 2, Kate Szell serves as Producer on Episode 3 and David Briggs serves as Producer on Episode 4. BBC Studios is distributing internationally.

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Every Breath We Take: Understanding Our Atmosphere

Gabrielle Walker tells the remarkable story of how we discovered that the air around us is not just empty space, it is full of hidden wonders

The air around us is not just empty space; it is an integral part of the chemistry of life. Plants are made from carbon dioxide, nitrogen nourishes the soil and oxygen gives us the energy we need to keep our hearts pumping and our brains alive. But how did we come to understand what air is made of? How did we come to know that this invisible stuff around us contains anything at all?

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The Genius of Design

Documentary series exploring the history of design

The Genius of Design examines the history of design, focusing on inventions – such as the ring pull and the fitted kitchen – that have transformed modern life. It tells the story of design from the Industrial Revolution through 20s modernism, the swinging 60s, the designer 80s and up to the present day. Features interviews with star designers like Philippe Starck and creatives from Apple and Ford; as well as design fans like Stephen Fry. This five-part … Ler mais


Visions of the Future

Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku predicts how technology will alter our world in the 21st century

Visions of the Future is a 2007 documentary television series aired on the BBC Four television channel. The series stars theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku as he documents cutting edge science.

Episode 1: The Intelligence Revolution
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku shows how AI will become ubiquitous this century and how robots with human-level intelligence may become a reality.

Episode 2: The Biotech Revolution
Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku looks at the revolution in genetics, which promises health and … Ler mais


Brian Cox – In Search of Science

Professor Brian Cox introduces Britain's science heroes

Professor Brian Cox is going in search of the best of British science. Introducing his science heroes, Brian visits the places where they made their discoveries, recreating their experiments and examining their legacy to their scientific descendants. He finds that this tradition of innovation and discovery owes everything to the early pioneers – but he also exposes the often surprising themes that define modern science; how the business of discovery and innovation is a process of creative inspiration, collaboration and … Ler mais


The Science of D-Day

Engineer Rob Bell explores the new inventions - from giant troop-carrying gliders to tanks that could operate on water - that made the Normandy invasion in 1944 possible

In June 1944, one of the greatest amphibious assaults in history was launched from the south coast of England. Within a matter of hours, 7,000 vessels had landed 156,000 troops on the beaches of Normandy. It was a manoeuvre that changed the course of the war and tested innovations in science and engineering for the first time.

In this programme, engineer Rob Bell looks at the nuts and bolts which made such a staggering invasion possible – from giant … Ler mais


Beautiful Young Minds

Documentary following a group of brilliant teenagers as they fight to become the chosen six to represent the UK at the International Mathematical Olympiad

As part of the Kidult season, this documentary tells the story of some of the brightest mathematical brains of a generation. Each year, exceptionally gifted teenagers from over 90 countries compete for medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad. The film follows a group of brilliant teenagers as they battle it out to become the chosen six selected to represent the UK.

Many youngsters see maths as an ordeal, but for these teenagers it’s a passion they are completely devoted … Ler mais


The Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius

Documentary about 13-year-old Cameron, a socially-awkward maths genius with Asperger Syndrome who is trying to balance his ability with the classic teenage longing to be accepted

What do you do when your child is gifted and their academic ability has overtaken yours? In a lot of ways 13-year-old Cameron Thompson is a normal teenage boy – obsessed with computer games, sporting the first hints of a moustache and a newfound interest in girls. But he is also a maths genius who is currently doing an Open University degree in applied mathematics and it is this ability that has singled him out. That, and an intense social … Ler mais


Dial “B” for Britain: The Story of the Landline

From early call boxes to the Post Office Tower, Timeshift tells the story of how Britain's phone network was built over the course of 100 years, and its impact on the public

Timeshift tells the story of how Britain’s phone network was built. Incredibly, there was once a time when phones weren’t pocket-sized wireless devices but bulky objects wired into our homes and workplaces. Over the course of 100 years, engineers rolled out a communications network that joined up Britain – a web of more than 70 million miles of wire. Telephones were agents of commercial and social change, connecting businesses and creating new jobs for Victorian women. Wires changed the appearance … Ler mais


Secrets of Silicon Valley

Jamie Bartlett uncovers the dark reality behind Silicon Valley's glittering promise to build a better world

Tech writer Jamie Bartlett investigates the reality behind Silicon Valley’s endless faith in its power to change the world for the better. The Tech Gods believe progress is powered by unleashing technology to tear up the world as it is and create a new one – a process they call “disruption”. This series uncovers the true scale of Silicon Valley’s global disruption – across economies, societies and democracies – driving the vast rewards flowing to the Tech … Ler mais

Panorama: How Hackers Steal Your ID 0

Panorama: How Hackers Steal Your ID

Internet security expert James Lyne bought the stolen credit and debit card details of 13 people on the dark web as part of a Panorama investigation

Hackers have stolen the personal details of millions of customers from companies like Talk Talk. So how do cybercriminals get hold of our data? Reporter Daniel Foggo meets the hackers who can break into any website and finds out how criminals profit from our information.

First broadcast: 9th November 2015
Duration 29:04

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Panorama: Could a Robot Do My Job?

Reporter Rohan Silva looks at the workplaces using new technology and asks whether we should feel threatened by it, or whether it will benefit all of us

Britain is on the brink of a technological revolution. Machines and artificial intelligence are beginning to replace jobs like never before. Reporter Rohan Silva looks at the workplaces already using this new technology and asks whether we should feel threatened by it, or whether it will benefit all of us. Are we ready for one of the biggest changes the world of work has ever seen?

First broadcast: 14th September 2015
Duration 28:51

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A compilation of short-form videos which give students studying computer science an insight into how computers actually work

A compilation of short-form videos which give students studying computer science an insight into how computers actually work. Filmed in real-life work settings, the videos look closely at what a computer consists of, how the various components work, how it processes data, and how it is used in robotics and software development.

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