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Beautiful Young Minds

Documentary following a group of brilliant teenagers as they fight to become the chosen six to represent the UK at the International Mathematical Olympiad

As part of the Kidult season, this documentary tells the story of some of the brightest mathematical brains of a generation. Each year, exceptionally gifted teenagers from over 90 countries compete for medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad. The film follows a group of brilliant teenagers as they battle …


Bletchley Park: Code-breaking’s Forgotten Genius

Documentary looking at Gordon Welchman, a codebreaker crucial to the allies defeating the Nazis in World War II

Gordon Welchman was one of the original elite codebreakers crucial to the allies defeating the Nazis in World War II. He is the forgotten genius of Bletchley Park.

Filmed extensively at Bletchley Park, the centre for codebreaking operations during World War II, this documentary features the abandoned buildings …


Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes

Documentary revealing the secret story of how two men hacked into Hitler's personal super-code machine

Documentary that reveals the secret story behind one of the greatest intellectual feats of World War II, a feat that gave birth to the digital age. In 1943, a 24-year-old maths student and a GPO engineer combined to hack into Hitler’s personal super-code machine – not Enigma but an …


Cosmic Voyage

Offers a state of the art, computer generated journey through the universe, and tries to pinpoint the role of human beings cohabitating within its vastness

Cosmic Voyage is a 1996 short documentary film produced in the IMAX format, directed by Bayley Silleck, produced by Jeffrey Marvin, and narrated by Morgan Freeman. The film was presented by the Smithsonian Institution‘s National Air and Space Museum, and played in IMAX theaters worldwide. The …


Cosmic Zoom

This short animation transports us from the farthest conceivable point of the universe to the tiniest particle of existence, an atom of a living human cell

Cosmic Zoom is a 1968 short film directed by Eva Szasz and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. It depicts the relative size of everything in the universe in an 8-minute sequence using animation and animation camera shots.

The film starts with an aerial image of a …


Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps

This unique book takes you on a graphic journey through the universe, to the edge of infinity in one direction and to the nucleus of the atom in the other

Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps is a 1957 book by Dutch educator Kees Boeke that combines writing and graphics to explore many levels of size and structure, from the astronomically vast to the atomically tiny. The book begins with a photograph of a Dutch girl sitting outside a …


Horizon: The Age of Big Data

Horizon tests the limits of the data revolution, crime prediction in LA, financial formulas in the city of London and a South African attempt to catalogue the entire cosmos

In Los Angeles, a remarkable experiment is underway; the police are trying to predict crime, before it even happens.

At the heart of the city of London, one trader believes that he has found the secret of making billions with maths. In South Africa, astronomers are attempting to catalogue the …


Trillion Dollar Bet

The film tells the fascinating story of the invention of the Black-Scholes Formula, a mathematical Holy Grail that forever altered the world of finance and earned its creators the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics

In 1973, three brilliant economists, Fischer Black, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton, discovered a mathematical Holy Grail that revolutionized modern finance. The elegant formula they unleashed upon the world was sparse and deceptively simple, yet it led to the creation of a multi-trillion dollar industry. Their bold …


Horizon: The Midas Formula

A beautiful mathematical formula that changed the world

This is the extraordinary story of a beautiful mathematical formula that changed the world, the financial markets, and indeed capitalism itself. It could do the unthinkable – it took the risk out of playing the money-markets. To its inventors it brought the Nobel Prize for economics. To those who …


Évariste Galois (Alexandre Astruc, 1965)

Les dernières heures du génial mathématicien mort en duel à l’âge de 21 ans

C’est un court-métrage de 25 minutes.

Rarement les maths ont été intégrées à un film avec un tel respect de la discipline. Une poignée de dialogues ne seront intelligibles qu’aux anciens élèves de maths-spé ayant bonne mémoire. Mais cela n’empêchera pas le vulgum pecus de comprendre dans quelle mesure les …


Secrets and lies: The hidden power of maths

Mathematician Dr Hannah Fry presents the 2019 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

We think our lives unfold thanks to a mix of luck and our own personal choices. But that’s not quite true. An unseen layer of mathematics governs every aspect of our world. 

Life’s most astonishing miracles can be understood with probability. Big data dictates many of the hot new fashions …


The Royal Institution: Talks all about mathematics

Full length talks from the world’s leading scientists and writers

The Royal Institution was founded to introduce new technologies and teach science to the general public through lectures and demonstrations. Humphry Davy, one of the first Professors, established scientific research as a crucial part of the Ri’s identity, something never envisaged by the founders of the institution.

Over …


To Infinity and Beyond

Horizon examines the story of infinity – older than time, bigger than the universe and stranger than fiction

By our third year, most of us will have learned to count. Once we know how, it seems as if there would be nothing to stop us counting forever. But, while infinity might seem like an perfectly innocent idea, keep counting and you enter a paradoxical world where nothing is …


Nature’s Mathematics

Patterns, shapes, and colors

Nature follows a number of intricate and subtle mathematical rules to produce the patterns, shapes, and colors that we find so mesmerizing.

Episode 1

Wherever we find patterns and symmetry in nature, we also find that nature conforms to …


The Joy of Winning

How to have a happier life and a better world all thanks to maths, in this witty, mind-expanding guide to the science of success with Hannah Fry

Following in the footsteps of BBC Four’s award-winning maths films The Joy of Stats and The Joy of Data, this latest gleefully nerdy adventure sees mathematician Dr Hannah Fry unlock the essential strategies you’ll need to get what you want – to win – more of the time. From …