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A Mathematical Mystery Tour

Horizon attempts to explain some of the theories proposed by pure mathematicians over the ages

This is a 1984 BBC Horizon documentary looking at the greatest unsolved problems in mathematics. Featuring interviews with many modern mathematicians, this documentary also looks at the history of maths and some of if it’s major players from Euclid to Bertrand Russell.

Explores the world of pure mathematics and


The Royal Institution: Talks all about mathematics

Full length talks from the world’s leading scientists and writers

The Royal Institution was founded to introduce new technologies and teach science to the general public through lectures and demonstrations. Humphry Davy, one of the first Professors, established scientific research as a crucial part of the Ri’s identity, something never envisaged by the founders of the institution.

Over …


To Infinity and Beyond

Horizon examines the story of infinity – older than time, bigger than the universe and stranger than fiction

By our third year, most of us will have learned to count. Once we know how, it seems as if there would be nothing to stop us counting forever. But, while infinity might seem like an perfectly innocent idea, keep counting and you enter a paradoxical world where nothing is …


Nature’s Mathematics

Patterns, shapes, and colors

Nature follows a number of intricate and subtle mathematical rules to produce the patterns, shapes, and colors that we find so mesmerizing.

Episode 1

Wherever we find patterns and symmetry in nature, we also find that nature conforms to …


The Joy of Winning

How to have a happier life and a better world all thanks to maths, in this witty, mind-expanding guide to the science of success with Hannah Fry

Following in the footsteps of BBC Four’s award-winning maths films The Joy of Stats and The Joy of Data, this latest gleefully nerdy adventure sees mathematician Dr Hannah Fry unlock the essential strategies you’ll need to get what you want – to win – more of the time. From …



Powers of ten and the relative size of things in the Universe

Powers of Ten is one of the Eameses’ best-known films. Since it was produced in 1977, it has been seen by millions of people both nationally and internationally. As with A Communication Primer and 2n (a 2-minute Peep Show from the exhibition, Mathematica), in this film, Charles and Ray


Prediction by the Numbers

Discover why some predictions succeed and others fail as experts forecast the future

Predictions underlie nearly every aspect of our lives, from sports, politics, and medical decisions to the morning commute. With the explosion of digital technology, the Internet, and “big data,” the science of forecasting is flourishing. But why do some predictions succeed spectacularly while others fail abysmally? And how can we …


The Origami Revolution

Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions

The centuries-old tradition of folding two-dimensional paper into three-dimensional shapes is inspiring a scientific revolution. The rules of folding are at the heart of many natural phenomena, from how leaves blossom to how beetles fly. But now, engineers and designers are applying its principles to reshape the world around us—and …


The Majesty of Music and Math

Exploring the interconnectedness of music and mathematics

THE MAJESTY OF MUSIC AND MATH is a multi-media television production that explores the interconnectedness of music and mathematics produced by New Mexico PBS. Featuring remarks by Santa Fe Institute mathematician and computer scientist Cris Moore and musical selections by the Santa Fe Symphony with Principal Conductor Guillermo Figueroa.…


Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes our Lives

Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity. As well sculpting our universe, gravity also affects our weight, height and even the rate at which we age.

Physics professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity. A fundamental force of nature, gravity shapes our entire universe, sculpting galaxies and warping space and time. But gravity’s strange powers, discovered by Albert Einstein, also affect our daily lives in the most unexpected ways. As Jim tells the …


The Joy of Data

Exploration of the word of our age - data - with mathematician Hannah Fry. What is data? How is it stored, shared, made sense of? And what does data reveal about us and the world?

A witty and mind-expanding exploration of data, with mathematician Dr Hannah Fry. This high-tech romp reveals what data is and how it is captured, stored, shared and made sense of. Fry tells the story of the engineers of the data age, people most of us have never heard of …


The Joy of Logic

Documentary exploring the human quest for certainty and sound reasoning itself. Dave Cliff asks just how logical we really are and whether humans can stay ahead of computers.

A sharp, witty, mind-expanding and exuberant foray into the world of logic with computer scientist Professor Dave Cliff. Following in the footsteps of the award-winning The Joy of Stats and its sequel Tails You Win – The Science of Chance, this film takes viewers on a new rollercoaster …


Life By The Numbers

A lively six-part survey of mathematics that covers such topics as dimensions, odds, how math affects sports, and how educators and researchers are coming up with new ways to make math 'make sense'

From the smallest micro organism to the planets and the stars, life can be a wondrous journey of discovery where almost everywhere and everything is affected by numbers. Enter the exciting world of the Science of Mathematics with our host Danny Glover.

Life by the Numbers is the overall …


Martin Gardner: Mathemagician

The universe is almost like a huge magic trick

“The universe is almost like a huge magic trick,” says Martin Gardner. Many world-renowned scientists, mathematicians and magicians agree.

Featured guests who have been influenced by Gardner include: magicians Max Maven and Michael Weber; mathematician and legendary computer hacker Bill Gosper; Harvard professor and card wizard Persi


The Art of the Impossible: MC Escher and Me

Sir Roger Penrose takes a personal journey through artist MC Escher's work

World-leading cosmologist Professor Sir Roger Penrose is more than just a fan of MC Escher‘s mind-bending art. During the course of a long creative collaboration, the British mathematician and the Dutch artist exchanged ideas and inspirations. Some of Escher’s most iconic images have their origin in Penrose’s mathematical sketches …


Escher’s Infinite Perspective

An inquiry around the mystery behind the missing hole in M. C. Escher "Print Gallery"

M. C. Escher is among the most intriguing of artists. In 1956 he challenged the laws of perspective with his graphic Print Gallery, and found himself trapped by an impossible barrier. His uncompleted master-piece quickly became the most puzzling enigma of modern art, for both artists and scientists.

Half …


Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry’s Mysterious World of Maths

Documentary series in which Dr Hannah Fry explores the mystery of maths. Is it invented like a language or is it discovered and part of the fabric of the universe?

In this new series, mathematician Dr Hannah Fry explores the mystery of maths. It underpins so much of our modern world that it’s hard to imagine life without its technological advances, but where exactly does maths come from? Is it invented like a language or is it something discovered and …


Abdus Salam – O Sonho da Simetria

Um filme documentário de Giuseppe Mussardo, Luisa Bonolis, Daniele Trani e Diego Cenetiempo

Em Jhang, uma pequena cidade no Punjab (Paquistão), uma noite um homem sonhou que o seu filho estava a subir uma árvore, tão alto que logo ele pareceu desaparecer no céu azul. O nome da criança era Abdus Salam, que significa “Servo da Paz”, que iria ganhar em …


VideoMath Festival

An International Video Festival at The International Congress of Mathematicians 1998

The VideoMath festival is being held on the occasion of ICM’98, the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin. It is the first festival dedicated to videos concerning mathematics. The videos were selected by an international jury in a worldwide competition. They target a general audience interested in popular science, …


Alternative MATH

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America

Perhaps one of the smartest and most compelling shorts around, ALTERNATIVE MATH, a nine minute American piece directed by David Maddox, is a deeply layered and remarkably sophisticated pieces of intelligent comedy.

Our heroine is a veteran grade school teacher trying to explain to her student that 2+2=4. The …



Criado e dirigido por Tom M. Apostol e James F. Blinn, ambos do do Instituto de Tecnologia da Califórnia

Project MATHEMATICS! consiste num conjunto de vídeos educativos e livros de acompanhamento para professores que exploram tópicos básicos da matemática do ensino secundário de maneiras que não podem ser feitas no quadro-negro ou num livro-texto. Os vídeos usam ação ao vivo, música, efeitos especiais e animações imaginativas. Estes vídeos foram …


John von Neumann, prophète du 21ème siècle

Le portrait saisissant d’un mathématicien de génie qui fut à l’origine de théories fondamentales et de leurs applications, de la bombe atomique à la révolution numérique

Peu connu du grand public, le mathématicien américano-hongrois John von Neumann (1903-1957) a pourtant élaboré des théories qui ont définitivement changé le cours de l’humanité. Après avoir croisé Robert Oppenheimer et Werner Heisenberg au cours de ses années d’études à l’université allemande de Göttingen, il s’installe aux États-Unis au début …


From Königsberg bridges to genome sequencing

A science documentary telling a story of a single mathematical problem that makes its way to the fundamental theory of modern science

In 1735, the bright mathematician Leonard Euler presented his solution of the famous problem of Seven Bridges of Königsberg. His notable solution has sparked a whole new branch of mathematics – the graph theory, which is now widely used in many fields of science.



Apresenta-se …


PATRICE JEENER – Le graveur de mathématiques

Les mathématiques, si abstraites parfois imaginaires, se dessinent et se gravent sous nos yeux et sous les doigts de Patrice Jeener, artiste graveur

La Motte-Chalancon, Drôme provençale, hiver 2016.
Une silhouette enveloppée d’une cape noire arpente les rues étroites et biscornues du village médiéval. Comme sorti tout droit d’un film gothique, Patrice Jeener nous accompagne dans sa maison en marmonnant des formules mathématiques et il nous présente son travail : des centaines …