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Professor Brian Cox journeys across the vastness of time and space revealing epic moments of sheer drama that changed the universe forever

Rogue planets, fossilised stars, black holes more massive than a million Suns. Huge advances in our understanding of the Universe mean that for the first time the BBC can take you to places we didn’t even know existed just ten years ago.

Across five episodes, Professor Brian Cox roams the vastness of space and time uncovering exquisite moments of sheer drama that changed the Universe forever. Watch the birth of a star in a stellar nursery, experience the power … Ler mais


Size Matters

Hannah Fry takes a spectacular look at the science of size by imagining a parallel world in which everything is made bigger or smaller

Professor Hannah Fry explores what life would be like if everything was either very large or very small. Could a supersized or miniaturized Earth sustain life? Could humans survive as giants or ants? Examples from nature hold the answers.

This two-part special presented by Hannah Fry shows that when it comes to the universe, size really does matter. Hannah takes the audience into a thought experiment where the size of everything can be changed to reveal why things are the … Ler mais


Secrets of the Super Elements

In the first BBC documentary to be filmed entirely on smartphones, Mark Miodownik reveals the weird materials that have built our high-tech world

Forget oil, coal and gas – a new set of materials is shaping our world and they’re so bizarre they may as well be alien technology. In the first BBC documentary to be filmed entirely on smartphones, materials scientist Prof Mark Miodownik reveals the super elements that underpin our high-tech world. We have become utterly dependent on them, but they are rare and they’re already running out. The stuff that makes our smartphones work could be gone in a decade … Ler mais


Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time

Discovering our place in the universe. Brian Cox looks back on a decade of discovery and towards the next space frontier, asking the biggest question of all - what's next?

Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time was produced by BBC Studios Science Unit and is presented by Brian Cox. Emeka Onono serves as Executive Producer. Simon Winchcombe serves as Series Producer. Alastair Duncan serves as the Producer on Episode 1, Naomi Law and Giles Harrison serve as Producers on Episode 2, Kate Szell serves as Producer on Episode 3 and David Briggs serves as Producer on Episode 4. BBC Studios is distributing internationally.

Episode 1: Space: How Far Ler mais