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Horizon: The Mystery of Dark Energy

Horizon looks at dark energy - the mysterious force that is unexpectedly causing the universe's expansion to speed up

The effects of dark energy were discovered in 1998, but physicists still don’t know what it is. Worse, its very existence calls into question Albert Einstein‘s general theory of relativity – the cornerstone of modern physics.

The hunt for the identity of dark energy is on. Experiments on earth …


Trillion Dollar Bet

The film tells the fascinating story of the invention of the Black-Scholes Formula, a mathematical Holy Grail that forever altered the world of finance and earned its creators the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics

In 1973, three brilliant economists, Fischer Black, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton, discovered a mathematical Holy Grail that revolutionized modern finance. The elegant formula they unleashed upon the world was sparse and deceptively simple, yet it led to the creation of a multi-trillion dollar industry. Their bold …


Horizon: The Midas Formula

A beautiful mathematical formula that changed the world

This is the extraordinary story of a beautiful mathematical formula that changed the world, the financial markets, and indeed capitalism itself. It could do the unthinkable – it took the risk out of playing the money-markets. To its inventors it brought the Nobel Prize for economics. To those who …


Horizon: Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?

Investigating the discovery of what is ominously being called 'dark flow', a phenomenon which could mean scientists might have to find a new way of understanding the universe

There’s something very odd going on in space – something that shouldn’t be possible. It is as though vast swathes of the universe are being hoovered up by a vast and unseen celestial vacuum cleaner.

Sasha Kashlinsky, the scientist who discovered the phenomenon, is understandably nervous: ‘It left us …


Horizon: Inside the Social Network – Facebook’s Difficult Year

Following the teams inside Facebook, revealing a hidden technological playground. The film tackles difficult questions, like how our data is used, and also shows how Facebook works

Facebook is a company that has grown from nothing to be worth half a trillion dollars in just 15 years. Today nearly a third of all humans are using it, and yet we rarely get to see the people actually in charge of the biggest social network in the world.…


Horizon: Inside the Dark Web

With many concerned about internet surveillance, Horizon meets the hackers and scientists whose technology is fighting back

Twenty-five years after the world wide web was created, it is now caught in the greatest controversy of its existence – surveillance.

With many concerned that governments and corporations can monitor our every move, Horizon meets the hackers and scientists whose technology is fighting back. It is a controversial technology, …


The Science of Doctor Who (BBC America)

This is a completely different show to the UK version of "The Science of Doctor Who"

The Science of Doctor Who is a television documentary that aired on BBC America on 4 August 2012. A number of scientists and entertainment personalities were interviewed about how the technologies in Doctor Who may be practically applied in the real world. Each interviewee then ranks the plausibility of each …


The Science of Doctor Who

For one night only, Professor Brian Cox takes an audience of celebrity guests and members of the public on a journey into the wonderful universe of the Doctor

For one night only, Professor Brian Cox takes an audience of celebrity guests, including Charles Dance and Rufus Hound, and members of the public on a journey into the wonderful universe of the Doctor, from the lecture hall of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Drawing on …


An Adventure in Space and Time

Dramatised account of how Doctor Who was brought to the screen in 1963 by a young producer frustrated by TV's glass ceiling and an actor unhappy with a career of hard-man roles

A special one-off drama that travels back to 1963 to see how Doctor Who was first brought to the screen. Actor William Hartnell felt trapped by a succession of hard-man roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambert was frustrated by the TV industry’s glass ceiling. Both of them were to find unlikely …


Marcus du Sautoy: Faster Than the Speed of Light?

Professor Marcus du Sautoy explores claims that scientists at CERN have detected particles which seem to travel faster than the speed of light

In September 2011, an international group of scientists has made an astonishing claim – they have detected particles that seemed to travel faster than the speed of light. It was a claim that contradicted more than a hundred years of scientific orthodoxy. Suddenly there was talk of all kinds …


The Fabric of the Cosmos

Acclaimed physicist Brian Greene reveals a mind-boggling reality beneath the surface of our everyday world

“The Fabric of the Cosmos”, a four-hour series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene, takes us to the frontiers of physics to see how scientists are piecing together the most complete picture yet of space, time, and the universe. With each step, audiences will …



Journey back to the beginning of everything: the universe, Earth and life itself

Has the universe always existed? How did it become a place that could harbor life? What was the birth of our planet like? Are we alone, or are there alien worlds waiting to be discovered?

NOVA presents some startling new answers in “Origins,” a groundbreaking four-part NOVA miniseries hosted by …


Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Carl Sagan's classic 1980 documentary series covering a wide range of scientific subjects, including the origin of life and a perspective of our place in the universe

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage is a thirteen-part television series written by Carl SaganAnn Druyan, and Steven Soter, with Sagan as presenter. It was executive-produced by Adrian Malone, produced by David Kennard, Geoffrey Haines-Stiles, and Gregory Andorfer, and directed by the producers, David Oyster, Richard Wells, …


Horizon: How Big is the Universe?

This episode follows the cosmologists who are creating the most ambitious map in history - a map of everything in existence

It is one of the most baffling questions that scientists can ask: how big is the universe that we live in?

Horizon follows the cosmologists who are creating the most ambitious map in history, a map of everything in existence. And it is stranger than anyone had imagined, a universe …


Horizon: How Small Is the Universe?

Following the search for the smallest thing in the universe, a journey where things don't just become smaller - but also a whole lot weirder

Horizon plunges down the biggest rabbit-hole in history in search of the smallest thing in the universe.

It is a journey where things don’t just become smaller but also a whole lot weirder. Scientists hope to catch a glimpse of miniature black holes, multiple dimensions and even parallel universes. As …


Einstein’s Universe

A documentary produced in 1979 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Albert Einstein

Based on Nigel Calder’s book Einstein’s Universe, this fascinating and rare film going by the same title has been re-mastered and digitally enhanced to bring Einstein fans a priceless experience. Narrated by the charismatic Peter Ustinov and hosted by Nigel Calder, the film was first broadcast on the …


The Path to Nuclear Fission: The Story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn

A portrait of the life and times of two remarkable scientists and their extraordinary collaboration

The story of two close friends who discovered nuclear fission is told in great detail within the context of both World Wars. This video is as much about role of scientists in political events, social responsibility, and discrimination against women and Jews, as it is about the science, though the …


The Ultimate Formula

For over a century, physicists have searched for a blueprint of the universe in the form of a single mathematical formula

The great mysteries of the universe have long fascinated humankind, and for physicists, the answer to everything lies in the “ultimate formula”. Throughout history, scientists like Newton and Einstein have believed that all natural phenomena can be explained by a single formula. And now, with the discovery of the Higgs


Light Falls: Space, Time, and an Obsession of Einstein

“A cerebral spectacle that delves into Einstein’s theories, with a theatrical twist.” - New York Times

Take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene to uncover how Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity. In this vivid play, science is illuminated on stage and screen through innovative projections and an original score.

Brian Greene and an ensemble cast perform this theatrical work tracing Albert Einstein’s electrifying …


Living in a Parallel Universe

Parallel universes have haunted science fiction for decades, but a surprising number of top scientists believe they are real

In many cases, reality is weirder than any science fiction fantasy. Parallel universes have haunted novels and movies for decades and at the beginning of the 21st century in the labs and minds of theoretical physicists, parallel universes are being seriously explored as never before. Long since scientists believe that …


Horizon: Parallel Universes

The documentary has to do with parallel universes, string theory, M theory, supergravity, and other theoretical physics concepts

Everything you’re about to read here seems impossible and insane, beyond science fiction. Yet it’s all true.

Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe – in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These …


Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

Documentary which follows the singer of US rock band Eels, Mark Everett, as he travels across America to learn about the father he never knew, quantum physicist Hugh Everett III

Documentary which tells the story of a rock star and a quantum mechanic. Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E, is the lead singer of cult US band the Eels. What most of his fans don’t know is that Mark’s father, Hugh Everett III, was one of …


The Mechanical Universe

“The Mechanical Universe” is a critically-acclaimed series of 52 thirty-minute videos covering the basic topics of an introductory university physics course


The Mechanical Universe…and Beyond is a critically-acclaimed series of 52 thirty-minute videotape programs covering the basic topics of an introductory university physics course. The series was originally produced as a broadcast telecourse by the California Institute of Technology and Intelecom, Inc. with program funding from the …


Mechanical Monsters

Simon Schaffer reveals the engineering wonders of the 19th century: computers made out of cogs, giant replica dinosaurs, huge telescopes and devices heralding the birth of cinema

Simon Schaffer tells the stories behind some of the most extraordinary engineering wonders of the 19th century. These were gigantic feats of technology which transformed everyday life but also had the capacity to challenge the Victorians’ faith in God, their place in the universe and their hopes for the future. …


Lost Horizons: The Big Bang

To coincide with the switch-on of the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator complex, Professor Jim Al Khalili from the University of Surrey delves into over 50 years of the BBC science archive to tell the story behind the emergence of one of the greatest theories of modern science, the Big Bang

Professor Jim Al Khalili delves into over 50 years of the BBC science archive to tell the story behind the emergence of one of the greatest theories of modern science, the Big Bang.

The remarkable idea that our universe simply began from nothing has not always been accepted with …


Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of Creation

Horizon investigates the cosmic dawn, the moment one hundred million years after the big bang when the first stars were born

Forget the big bang. The real moment of creation was the cosmic dawn – the moment of first light. This is the scientific version of the story of Genesis.

The big bang gets all the credit for creating our universe. But in fact, the universe it gave was …